"Wow! I'm overwhelmed! It's beautiful.  I didn't expect the cabinet to be this perfect."

   -  Jess Oliver

      Massapequa Park, NY  (B15)


"The cabinet arrived today in great shape, and it is beautiful!"

   -  Tommie J.

      Camden, SC  (B15)


"I am absolutely ecstatic with this cabinet! To rescue a vintage B-15 head and get hooked up w/ a repro cab of this quality - built to the original spec... I can't even tell ya. What other bass amp could you want?"

   -  Dave Y.

      Dover, MA  (B15)


"…cab arrived today, with no damage - great packaging.  I really can't believe the quality workmanship - you really did a fine job!!!   Once again, thanx for providing me with a really well constructed cab at a very reasonable price."

   -  Joel R.

      Jefferson, MA  (B15)


"WOW!!!! It was like someone sent me a package from 1967!  The cabinet is amazing!  If you ever need someone to sing your praises, please don't hesitate to put them in-touch with me!"

   -  Frank C.

      Damascus, MD  (SB12)


"Just wanted to let you know that the cabinet arrived and it is even better than I expected.  Your craftsmanship, details of design, and even in the care you take in shipping, is truly a rare thing to see these days."

   -  Bruce C.

      San Rafael, CA  (B15)


"Mark, I am really knocked out by the job you did on the B-12 cabinet and cart.  Immaculate!!  I've dropped in the Weber speaker and played just a few notes and it sounds great!"

   -  Dave M.

      Tacoma, WA  (B12)


"I have received nothing quite this beautiful in many an age. The construction is second to none, and the attention to detail is to die for. Thank you very much for creating this for me. I will be firing it up tomorrow, and am looking forward to loving it."

   -  George J.

      Burbank, CA  (B15)


"I'm going to try not to go on and on but wow.... I knew when I saw the packing detail that something even more perfect was to come. Sir, modern amp companies could learn a lot from you. I haven't seen a modern made piece of gear that was also a true work of art and craftsmanship in a long time! My orphan B15 head has found its new family. Sounds absolutely amazing. Can't remember the last time I unpacked something and inspected every corner, fastener and seam..... it's all perfect.  And the Powerpoint!  YES!  There are people who still care about quality."

   -  Jason C.

      Glendale, CA  (B15)


"I just took delivery of the B15 cabinet.  I mean no disrespect to Ampeg, or Leo fender, or any other amp makers for that matter; but I have been playing for 49 years now, and I have a number of nice vintage Fender, Marshall, and other amps, and I have never seen a product so well made, and stunning.  There's no way the major companies can put the TLC into their products that you do with yours.  I can hardly wait to take it for a spin."

   -  John C. Sr.

      Newport News, VA  (B15)




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