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Starting the wiring

September 28th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I got a modest start on the wiring by wiring the heater circuit and hum control pot.  After seeing photos of other people’s work I had pretty high aesthetic aspirations for my wiring.  I used solid, continuous buss wire to daisy-chain the sockets together, slipping Teflon tubing over the wire between sockets for insulation.  I found the combination of stiff wire and cramped space to be tougher to work with than I thought.  The end result looks okay but I was really hoping for better.  I did start improving toward the end, so I’m hoping to get better as I gain experience.

heater & hum control wiring

Heater & hum control wiring

Rebuilding the power supply seems like the next logical step, so I’ll need to get my power transformer ready.

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